Our Sierra Fairy!!

On Sunday, Sierra was transformed into this fairy. She called herself Blue Bell. Pretty cute!!

Rolling Easter Eggs!

To finish off our Easter Weekend we hiked and rolled Easter eggs at White Sands. For 10 years now West has made fun of this Easter tradition that I grew up doing. This year he was a first timer, and I am happy to say he now understands why to those of us who do this, there is really no other reason for dyed Easter eggs other then rolling. He helped his nephews build their track and of coarse had to climb up over the cliffs to roll one of them. The girls loved doing this with their cousins and grandpa was there to supervise it all. Brianna and Kylee were the last to get their track done but were very proud of it. Sierra and her cousins would let their eggs go down and hold their breath until they saw that it made it to the bottom with out any damage. But before they could be to relieved Ella would grab as many as she could and take off. They did not like this at all. Ella loved rolling around in the sand. Before we all left, we had grandpa pose with what are about half of his goofy grandchildren.

After our Easter Egg Hunt we went down to the park to play. The girls love going to the parks in my hometown as well as the play ground at the elementary school that I went to. The reason, the slides. They are the fun slides, you know the kind that you can actually injure yourself on. The kind that you actually have to build up a couple of years of bravery to retry again after your first time!! They are high, uncovered, metal, and slick. A Real Slide!
Well I took many pictures, but they all came out blurry, hence the speed!! But I was very pleased that Brianna's worked out. She went down, with no hands, and landed on her feet. And now we have it documented. This is a really cool picture to me because this very slide use to terrify her. Next time we go maybe we can go to the elementary so she can conquer that one. (it's twice as high.) The top picture is of Sierra and her cousin Brook, on top of the world. Before we left we got a picture of everyone on the fence pretty cute!!

Easter Egg Hunt

We had an Easter egg hunt in Grandma and Grandpa Spencer's yard with some of the Spencer cousins. It was great Brianna and Grandpa hid the eggs, which means Grandpa will be finding "unfounds" for the next few months!! They hid over 150. It was a really fun time. The funniest thing to me about the bottom picture is in the background behind the grand kids, Grandpa and Uncle Kyle have just shot a beef and are preparing to drag it out of the corral to take care of it. So it was just a little of a "Napoleon dynamite" moment for our Easter picture!! Especially since the kids are sitting on the front lawn!!

Spring Lambs

We went down to Grandma and Grandpa Spencer's to spend our Spring Break. One of the first things the girls wanted to do was go and see Grandpa's new baby lambs and possibly help bottle feed them. If any of you have been around Kylee while she is around any sort of animal you can appreciate this story. Grandpa told them that in order to be able to feed them they would all have to sit very still and wait for the babies to come up to them. For Kylee this was an impossibility, although there was not a lack of effort on her part each time the lambs got close she could not control herself from jumping up and trying to help the lamb get to her faster. After she repeated this over and over and was reminded over and over by grandpa, he had to give up and just have them watch.

Back Seat Driver

Soon after we got back from the cruise I took Ella and went down to my parents house to help out my mom who just had a recent surgery and couldn't get around to fast.
While we were down there Ella's cousin Koleman gave her a ride in this car of his. I had to post the picture because of the expression on his face while she is giving him directions. His car, her first time in it, he has driven this road many, many times and just like real life she still thinks she might be able to do a better job at it. And he is not happy about it!!

Our Cruise

West and I were lucky enough to get to go on a 7 day cruise to the Carribean at the end of February, with his work. And made possible by his mom, who came and chased the girls around for an entire week! They had the time of their lives!!! So did we!! It was actually the longest West and I have ever been together and without children since we met! The ship cruised at night and would dock on a new island each morning. We visit St. Martin, Dominica, Grenada, Bonaire, and Aruba. We snorkeled, sailed on a pirate ship, lounged on the beach, shopped, explored the island and ate really good food.

Thank you West for convincing me to go!!

Happy Birthday to OUR KYLEE

Snowday Sunday!!!

We have been getting quite a bit of snow the last couple of weeks. About every other day I have to go and shovel the driveway and the walks. Last week I got up early before Brianna had to be at school and shoveled, took her to school then came home and shoveled some more. About 3 hours later we were getting ready to go to costco and I opened the door and everything was covered with more snow.
So it has been a pretty regular thing. But this last weekend we were totally caught off gaurd. We had expected some snow, but when we woke up we had been dumped on. West headed out to start shoveling out our cars so we could get to church and the snow in the driveway went up past his knees. It was coming down so hard he put on his goggles, so he could see. I had not seen this kind of snow since I was a kid. It was pretty amazing. We then got several calls that church had been cancelled. West was out shoveling for over 3 hours and still did not get finished.

Kylee and Sierra are off track so they went out and played a while in it today. But it is so deep you have to stomp down a path to even be able to walk through it. Sierra just wanted to lay in it, but Kylee loved climbing the banks of snow off the sidewalks. And of corse West headed out first thing this morning to snowboard in the mountains.

Our Little Water Baby!!!!

Ella loves playing in the shower and having me spray her in the face!


Here is Kylee posing in front of some of the lights at Temple Square.

Holiday Dresses